Anti-bacterial coatings

applied throughout the UK

BYD Solutions Ltd offer a revolutionary solution to businesses throughout the UK, to help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses through tactile contact.

Applying one of the leading anti-bacterial coatings available in the UK, we are DeXpert certified.

CERTIBAC®. Your number 1 defence against surface bacteria.

Our effective and especially economic solution for the removal of air and surface germs (bacteria, viruses, fungal etc.) and odours, is to treat surfaces with our Titan effect, CERTIBAC®.
This transparent coating with instant UV drying incorporates a permanent and lasting anti-bacterial action. Once applied, the solution acts 24-hours a day.  CERTIBAC® makes it possible to render the surfaces anti-bacterial and to reduce the risk of contamination crossed by tactile contact.
CERTIBAC® emits nothing into the air (no VOC emission) and works in complete harmony with our clean air solutions. What’s more, it complies with food contact regulations, meeting EU Regulation 10/2011 and all of its amendments under the conditions tested. CERTIBAC® has also been tested to ISO 22196 standard by the COFRAC approved ACM Pharma laboratory. 

The benefits of CERTIBAC®

Developed by one of the global leaders in the hygiene solutions industry, DeXpert, CERTIBAC® has a whole host of benefits, including:
  • Immediate implementation ensuring rapid and significant reduction of bacterial contamination.
  • Requires no maintenance or energy consumption.
  • Allows a significant reduction of the microbial agents present on the treated surfaces, thus creating pandemic barriers.
  • Also has a coating resistant to abrasion and perennial over several years.
  • Treatment that acts permanently and facilitates cleaning ” easy to clean ”.
  • Application of the treatment requiring no prior work on surfaces, CERTIBAC® is translucent and dries immediately under UV.
  • High performance protection against stains, resistant to chemical agents.
  • Process that does not release VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Where can our anti-bacterial coatings be applied?

Over the years, we have applied our anti-bacterial coatings into a range of different spaces, including:

  • Sanitary rooms and public W/C
  • Public transport
  • Smoking areas
  • Care institutions
  • Schools, colleges and nurseries
  • Health facilities
  • Industrial premises
  • Sports halls
  • Ambulances
  • Restoration properties
  • Shopping centres

Application Areas:

Our solutions are applicable to various areas. Please click on each application area below to find our solutions.

Frequently asked questions

It is a system that once applied to any surface, including touch pads door handles, hand rails, basically anywhere that is touched will clean that surface of all bacteria.

This can vary depending on areas that need treating. We are happy to provide free quotations for your requirements.


Once applied the system will work and continue to clean your surfaces for several years.


We travel anywhere in the UK or abroad for this application.


Clean Air

BYD’s Clean Air division provides a revolutionary new concept in the purification and cleaning of internal air.


Our Anti-Bacterial division specialise in the application of certified anti-bacterial coatings to help reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Sealant Application

The Sealant Application division have operatives working primarily on construction sites applying all types of sealant products to all situations.


Our Anti-Slip Solutions division offer an anti-slip and visual line for the partially sighted, a perfect solution to help meet access requirements.

Help control the spread of bacteria in your commercial space. Speak to BYD Solutions Ltd.
Help control the spread of bacteria in your commercial space. Speak to BYD Solutions Ltd.
Help control the spread of bacteria in your commercial space. Speak to BYD Solutions Ltd.
Help control the spread of bacteria in your commercial space. Speak to BYD Solutions Ltd.